Sokoto killing: Blasphemy recognized by Nigerian law – Force PRO calls for enlightenment


Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, has taken to his verified Twitter account to urge clerics to educate their followers about the topic of blasphemy against prophets. He made this statement in response to the killing of Usman Buda Mai, a resident of Sokoto State, who was accused of defaming the character of Prophet Muhammad.

Usman was tragically beaten to death on Sunday based on allegations of blasphemy, leading to heightened tension in various parts of the state. While acknowledging that blasphemy is indeed an offense under the Nigerian constitution, the Force spokesperson emphasized that the responsibility of enforcing the law does not lie with the general public.

In his tweet, he expressed confidence in the ongoing efforts of the Sokoto command in addressing the situation. However, he also stressed the importance of religious leaders undertaking enlightenment campaigns to create awareness and understanding around the issue.

Prince Adejobi emphasized that although blasphemy is legally recognized as an offense in Nigeria, it should not be left to the discretion of individuals to take the law into their own hands for enforcement.

His message served as a call to action for clerics, urging them to proactively engage their communities and promote education on the subject of blasphemy. By doing so, it is hoped that a greater understanding of the legal framework and the significance of religious tolerance can be fostered.

In conclusion, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi’s tweet conveyed the need for clerics to play a vital role in enlightening their followers about blasphemy, highlighting that although it is an offense in Nigeria, it should not be enforced by members of the public.

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