Newcastle VS Liverpool Live Match

‘It’s a very bad day’ – Saint-Maximin

Saint-Maximin was quick to offer his goalkeeper a word after the game, with Pope surely feeling pretty awful after his role in the Magpies’ defeat tonight. 

He told Sky Sports: ‘It’s a very bad day. I feel sad for Nick Pope because he tried to help the team. It’s a bad red card for the team because he won’t be able to play the [Carabao] Cup final. He helped us to be in that situation, so we need to support him and get behind him as a team.

‘I think we played very well. We had the first chance with Miggy [Almiron] and after that they scored straight away. It was painful, but we just kept going to try to create more chances. Even with 10 men, we kept playing very well. We still had many chances, so I think it’s very positive to see how we can play with 10 men.

‘Even though Liverpool aren’t in the top positions at the moment, they’re still a great team. They showed that today. I think we need to be focused for the cup game, but I’m very disappointed about this game. It’s always important to win before an important game.

‘The real positive is that even with 10 men – they’re still playing in the Champions League – we played very well and created so many chances to come back. We can be very proud of that, because I know many teams in that situation wouldn’t create the chances we created.

‘I’m sure we can cause Manchester United a lot of problems.’

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