Mixed reactions as physically challenged hawker Eniola from Osun State helped by Brain Jotter turns out to be a boy (Photos)

Mixed reactions have started pouring in online as Nigerians dig out concrete evidence showing that hardworking physically challenged female hawker Eniola is a fraud as he is a man disguising like a woman.

Recall few days ago, comedian Brain Jotter captured the hearts of many following a video he shared online where he extended his kind gesture toward physically challenged Eniola from Osun State with a hand and 5 fingers hawking table water inside traffic in Lagos.

Brain Jotter decided to help Eniola who was also a make-up artist by giving her the sum of N400K to that she can she can stop hawking table water on the street and focus on her make-up business.

Even the kind gesture by Brain Jotter captured the hearts of Davido and Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke as they pledged to help her.

According to Gistlover, a group of people that has helped the said disabled lady in the past have now come out to expose her.

They said and I quote; “no be woman, na man, his name is Sultan, he disguises as a woman , tape his Gbola and wear bobbi and sell water in traffic just she can beg, she makes a lot daily and that’s her daily routine , last year, a group of people came together and rented an apartment for him, they bought him make up tools to establish him but he doesn’t want such route.

He prefers to be on the street deceiving people, this is a message from the group of bakers that helped him before \"👇\"

She is a boy , we got her an apartment in ketu and make up products , got things in the house. Later he went back to the street , after warning her to stop scamming people , he will open different pages and change location to sell water

He is a boy not a girl, he taped his Gbola, wears padded bra & bum bum to deceive people that he is a girl. That’s a lie, we do not know if this new donation was a plan between him and brain jotter or brain jotter is not aware, she is a boy and not a girl , we donated alot of money for him only to see him back on the street the next month, Nigerians should not fall for this s c a m . we have all the evidence with us”

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As expected the video sparked mixed reactions online, while some refer to the physically challenged Eniola as fraud, others throw weight behind her as they stress that he is disguised but he he is still a man with five fingers.

See reactions below;

ask4_vanesa:He should be arrested for disguising, I hate people like this.

lotagodemma8: She is hustling with her condition and you are here posting nonsense about her , what will you gain with this post \"🔥\" if you can’t help then close month so that other people will help her.

_.blessinge: I know him very well for Okebaale Osogbo, he can’t denied that, he Dey always sell make up products with one basket # f) I Dey always call him Bobrisky of Osogbo g.

queenbee_shellz: Normal normal , before them help one man, them don help 10 girls \"😂\"\"😂\"\"😂\".

brownycutie: He is a boy ” Yes ” but at the same time he didn’t lie about his disability, it shows that men suffer a lot in this world , No help nothing nothing , so it means you have to be a woman to get help which he did , omooo he wants to survive country hard Abeg.

peacefulbaby227: Can you imagine, I pity her when I saw her video some days ago come make send my last kobo in my acct to her \"😢\"\"😢\" Omokomo\"😂\"





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