Mixed reactions as Actress Ekene Umenwa goes on knees, hugs Singer Moses Bliss on wedding day

Social media users have continued to react differently to a video of Nollywood actress, Ekene Umenwa, where she excused her husband, Ifeanyi Ogbodo, to kneel down for popular gospel singer, Moses Bliss after he surprisingly turned up to perform at their wedding.


In the video, which has now become the topic of discussion on social media, the actress seems unable to contain her joy upon sighting Moses Bliss, whom she did not expect to see at her wedding reception.

Upon spotting the gospel singer, the actress rushed to him and knelt down, while her husband and guests looked on. She also stood up to hug him while the gospel singer continued to thrill the audience with a lovely performance.

However, the video has elicited different reactions from netizens. Some people describe her reactions to the gospel singer’s appearance at her wedding as an expression of happiness and being overjoyed, while others view it as an act of disrespect toward her husband.


Reacting to the video @_RealKingsley wrote, “This was one of such interesting moments for her on such a great day. The kneeling and hugging was actually not about Moses Bliss. All I see is a woman that was overwhelmed. I don’t see any embarrassment here.”


Another user, @UnlimitedEniola tweeted, “People should please stop saying NONSENSE about actress Ekene Umenwa. Don’t scatter the home she’s starting to build. She didn’t abandon her husband and follow Singer Moses Bliss. She’s surprised and happy. Women don’t really know how to contain their emotions, so it’s understandable. Please, don’t nail her to the cross.”

“All i see is an emotional Lady that loves God..🖤🤍🫶🕊️U guys are missing the point, she’s not kneeling to worship Moses Bliss , she’s kneeling because she feels the holy spirit and spiritually thanking God through the act of hugging.” @AlexUnusual11 wrote.


In contrast, @UnkleAyo wrote, “The 7th time I’m watching this video, this morning. 😭😭Who is the husband? Oh, you better follow Moses Bliss home because I’m walking out. Zero control.”


Another user, @Christindu tweeted, “No level of excitement warrants kneeling down for another man who’s not either your father or your father in law on your wedding day. It’s disrespectful. What happened to kneeling down for your husband if you were excited?”

“This is one of the reasons why most marriages will crash. The respect most women give their pastors, gospel singers and many more is way too much than their husbands! The groom should have exchanged his suit with Moses Bliss and left them to continue the wedding. Rubbish!!! 😏.” @Bobosjeru opined.

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