Kelly Ripa’s Nutritionist Breaks Down What She Eats in a Typical Day

After working with Kelly Ripa for years, her nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre knows exactly what she whips up each day. Hint: It involves lots of greens.

Hungry to know what Kelly Ripa eats in a day?

Well, celebrity nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre is here to satisfy that particular craving.

After all, he’s worked with Ripa for years and knows exactly how she stays fueled to juggle hosting Live, podcasting and being mom to her kids Michael, 26; Lola, 22; and Joaquin, 20, with husband Mark Consuelos.

“I’ve never met someone who is busier than Kelly,” Gioffre tells E! News in an exclusive interview. “She is supermom. She is just amazing on the show. She works out seven days a week, and she maintains this incredible strength eating lifestyle that I’ve taught her.”

So what exactly is strength eating? The way Gioffre defines it is “every time you’re hungry or you’re gonna put something in your body, it has to be something that is going to strengthen you from the inside out.” Think nutrient-dense foods including greens, healthy fats, protein and fiber.

But if it feels overwhelming to parse through every bit, Gioffre encourages people to start small and focus on adding foods that strengthen their bodies—not think about what to take away.

“Just start with one thing,” he explains, “but master that one thing, commit to that one thing and do that one thing consistently.” For instance, Gioffre began by adding a green juice to his daily routine when he was a self-described sugar addict. “And then when you feel good enough that that’s part of your lifestyle, you do it on a regular basis and it’s automatic, you don’t have to think about it,” he continued, “then you can add the next thing and then the next thing.”

As for Ripa, she’s incorporated quite a bit. The pro broke down her routine for E!.

Morning Drink

Up and at ’em! Gioffre says Ripa begins her day by mixing a scoop of his Acid-Kicking Green powder, which he describes as dehydrated greens, from his brand Alkamind with a glass of water.

Another way fans can get nutrients from greens? If they struggle with eating their veggies, Gioffre suggests drinking a green juice. However, he recommends avoiding ones with sugary fruit juices and instead choosing ones with green vegetables like spinach, sprouts and celery juice. Gioffre says they can also toss in whole fruits like cucumbers for hydration or green apples and pears for sweetness. Plus, he usually adds in ginger for gut health and turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties.

“You have to eat your greens,” the Get Off Your Sugar author notes. “But when you get it in the form of a green juice, what’s happening is you’re getting all those nutrients into the greens and you’re getting a huge amount of greens in just eight-ounce servings.”

Having collaborated with Kelly Ripa for an extensive period, her nutritionist, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, is well-versed in her daily dietary choices, which predominantly involve greens.

Curious about Kelly Ripa’s daily meals? Celebrity nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre is here to provide the details. With years of experience working closely with Ripa, he understands how she maintains her energy while balancing hosting Live, podcasting, and parenting her children, Michael (26), Lola (22), and Joaquin (20), with husband Mark Consuelos.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Gioffre praises Ripa’s remarkable dedication, describing her as a supermom who works out seven days a week. He attributes her vitality to the “strength eating” lifestyle he has instilled in her – a concept focused on consuming foods that fortify the body from the inside out, including nutrient-dense options like greens, healthy fats, protein, and fiber.

Acknowledging that navigating through dietary choices can be overwhelming, Gioffre encourages a gradual approach, emphasizing the addition of body-strengthening foods rather than a restrictive mindset.

“Start with one thing, master that one thing, commit to it consistently,” Gioffre advises. Drawing from his own experience as a former sugar addict, he exemplifies the journey by incorporating a daily green juice. Once integrated into one’s lifestyle, additional elements can be introduced.

Sharing insights into Ripa’s routine, Gioffre unveils her morning ritual. Ripa kicks off her day by blending a scoop of Gioffre’s Acid-Kicking Green powder, a dehydrated greens product from his Alkamind brand, with a glass of water.

For those seeking alternative ways to embrace greens, Gioffre suggests opting for green juices, emphasizing the importance of avoiding those laden with sugary fruit juices. Instead, he recommends selections containing vegetables like spinach, sprouts, and celery juice, complemented by hydrating whole fruits such as cucumbers, green apples, and pears. To enhance the nutritional profile, he often incorporates ginger for gut health and turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties.

In conclusion, Gioffre emphasizes the significance of incorporating greens into one’s diet, especially through the convenient and nutrient-packed form of green juices.




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