Juventus Expelled from Europa Conference League, UEFA Fines Club Over FFP Breach

 Title: Juventus Expelled from Europa Conference League, UEFA Fines Club Over FFP Breach

In a significant blow to Juventus, UEFA has taken the decision to expel the Italian football club from the Europa Conference League due to financial misconduct. The CFCB First Chamber found that Juventus violated UEFA’s regulatory framework and failed to adhere to a settlement agreement signed in August 2022.

As a consequence of this breach, Juventus will miss out on the opportunity to compete in Europe’s third-tier competition. Instead, Fiorentina, who finished just below Max Allegri’s side in eighth place in Serie A, will now have the chance to participate in the Europa Conference League.

In addition to the expulsion, UEFA has imposed a hefty fine of £17.14 million on Juventus for breaking Financial Fair Play rules. However, the club will only need to pay half of the fine if their financial records comply with regulations over the next three years.

The past year has been challenging for Juventus, with the resignation of former president Andrea Agnelli and other board members due to their involvement in rule breaches. This led to Serie A points deductions, which significantly affected the club’s season.

Although Juventus officials disagree with UEFA’s decision, they have chosen not to challenge the ruling in order to avoid any potential negative impact on their preparations for the upcoming season. Instead, the club aims to shift its focus back to on-field performance and move past this period of uncertainty.

Alongside Juventus, Chelsea, another prominent club, also faced repercussions from UEFA for violating FFP rules. The infractions were related to “submitting incomplete financial information” concerning transactions that occurred between 2012 and 2019. Despite the club’s significant spending since Todd Boehly’s arrival, the current scrutiny centers on dealings during Roman Abramovich’s ownership.

After the club’s sale in May 2022, Chelsea’s new ownership proactively reported instances of incomplete financial reporting during the previous regime, leading to UEFA’s sanctions against the English club.

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