How Tinubu was misled in nominating Maryam Shetty as minister – Ganduje

 The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Abdullahi Ganduje, has shed light on how President Bola Tinubu was “misled” into nominating Maryam Shetty, a ministerial nominee from Kano, whose nomination was eventually withdrawn.

Mr. Ganduje, the former governor of Kano State, clarified that the president never consulted him before nominating Ms. Shetty. It was only after a public outcry about some of Ms. Shetty’s social media posts that the president contacted Mr. Ganduje.

Speaking in a recorded radio interview aired on multiple stations, Mr. Ganduje explained that the president has advisors from various states who provide recommendations for ministerial nominees. As such, the president has the authority to choose whomever he likes and can consult with people from the respective states for their input.

Regarding Ms. Shetty’s nomination, Mr. Ganduje stated that he and others in Kano were not familiar with her personality and capabilities for the job, so they did not challenge her selection initially. However, problems arose when her social media posts garnered attention and criticism, raising doubts about her suitability to represent the people of Kano.

Following the social media backlash, the president inquired about Ms. Shetty’s nomination from Mr. Ganduje. The former governor clarified that he had no role in nominating her and that the people of Kano should have been consulted for such an appointment.

After the discussion with Mr. Ganduje, the president tasked him with finding a replacement for Ms. Shetty, who should also be a female nominee from Kano. Dr. Mariya Mahmud Bunkure, a medical doctor who had previously served as Commissioner for Higher Education during Mr. Ganduje’s administration, was selected as the new nominee.

Mr. Ganduje emphasized that his explanation was not intended to criticize Ms. Shetty but to clarify the sequence of events that led to the nomination withdrawal. He stated that Ms. Shetty’s contribution to the success of the APC would not be disregarded, and she would be treated with respect despite not being selected for the ministerial position.

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