Elevator tragedy: Lagos sacks facility managers, suspends LASIAMA GM over Vwaere Diaso’s death

The Lagos government has taken decisive action following the tragic elevator accident at Lagos Island General Hospital, Odan, which resulted in the death of medical doctor Vwaere Diaso. The facility managers in charge of the hospital have been sacked and blacklisted as part of the resolutions from the panel investigating the incident.

The panel was tasked with identifying the likely causes of the accident, determining culpable parties, and recommending measures to prevent future occurrences. In addition to the facility managers, the general manager of the Lagos State Infrastructure and Asset Management Agency (LASIAMA) has been suspended in connection with the incident.

Last Tuesday, the elevator of the hospital fell from the 10th floor, leading to the tragic death of Diaso, who was using the elevator to go to the ground floor for a delivery. The elevator had reportedly been faulty before the accident, and staff had raised concerns about it.

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In response to the incident, the Lagos government established a panel to investigate and provide a comprehensive report. Contrary to claims that the hospital lacked blood samples, the panel clarified that there were available screening centers and a register of voluntary donors to provide blood at short notice.

The installation and maintenance contractors responsible for the elevator have been handed over to the police for further investigation and potential prosecution. Additionally, the Lagos State Safety Commission is conducting an audit of all elevators in public offices to ensure their safety.

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The government also highlighted that the crashed elevator had been newly installed in 2021. Elevator experts, working with the Lagos Safety Commission, are conducting mechanical examinations to determine why the safety features failed to prevent the accident.

All staff members at the hospital are fully insured, and the life insurance providers have been informed about the incident. The government is committed to ensuring accountability and preventing such tragedies in the future.

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