Download Latest GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.45 (2023 Version) – Updated and Anti-Ban Features Included

Attention all GBWhatsApp users and fans! It’s time to update your APK or app. The latest version, GBWhatsApp Pro v17.45 2023, has been released, addressing various bugs and issues present in the previous version. Download it now to enjoy the enhanced functionalities.

GBWhatsApp has proven to be an exceptional alternative to the regular WhatsApp, offering an array of incredible features that you wouldn’t believe possible. These features are not available in the standard WhatsApp version that we currently use.

Let’s explore some of the basic features offered by GBWhatsApp:

1. Anti-delete messages from everywhere: This allows you to view messages that your partner has deleted from your conversation.

2. View deleted status: You can still view and see a status that your partner has deleted.

3. Hide and view status: You can discreetly view someone’s status without them knowing.

4. Freeze last seen: Your online and offline status remains hidden from others.

5. WhatsApp anti-ban features: To prevent a ban from WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp includes additional measures, addressing past ban issues.

The latest version of any application or software aims to fix existing bugs and introduce new features to enhance the overall experience. Let’s take a look at the recently added features in GBWhatsApp Pro v17.45 and other noteworthy improvements:

– Newly added default themes, including light and dark themes.

– One UI design has been excluded.

– The IG story view for WhatsApp stories has been revamped with a new style.

– A new UI has been implemented for adding IG status stories on WhatsApp.

– Improved UI design for adding a bottom button to your GBWhatsApp.

– Addition of new UI design for optional buttons.

– Animate name in the header when it’s too long.

– Animate the airplane icon when it’s turned on.

– Fixed the issue with contact pictures not displaying when sending media in a group.

– Corrected the button bar style that was not functioning properly.

– Updated language translations.

– Fixed the issue with the airplane and light/night icons not hiding in the group tab.

– Numerous other features and bug fixes have been implemented in the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro v17.45.

Make sure to update your GBWhatsApp to enjoy these exciting new features and improved performance.

To download the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro v17.45, follow these steps:

1. Access the download link provided below.

2. Click on the link to be directed to the download page.

3. On the download page, locate and click on the “Download GBWhatsApp” button.

4. If you encounter a notice stating that the app may harm your device, ignore the warning and click on the “OK” button.

5. Your file will start downloading immediately.

Download Link: [APP]

Once you have successfully downloaded the GBWhatsApp Pro v17.45 APK file, follow these steps to install it:

1. Go to the location where the file was downloaded on your device.

2. Tap on the downloaded GBWhatsApp file (version 17.45 GBWhatsApp Pro).

3. A synchronization page will appear to verify the app.

4. Once the app is verified, you will be prompted to either install or cancel.

5. If you already have an older version of GBWhatsApp installed on your device, you will be asked to install and update the app.

6. Click on the “Install” button, and the installation or update process will begin.

7. Once the installation process is complete, you will be prompted to open the app.

8. That’s it! You have successfully installed the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro v17.45 on your device.

Enjoy the new features and enhanced functionality of GBWhatsApp Pro!




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