Day 15 – 7 Aug: Ike is HoH and Frodd is pardoned by the house! – BBNaija

Another eventful Monday evening in the All Stars house, which saw the black envelope immunity go to waste.

Monday night in the Big Brother Naija house once again proved to be a hub of drama and intrigue, as the housemates gathered for their Head of House games.

This week’s twist promised an early start to the games, catching the housemates off guard and setting the stage for an evening of intense competition and surprising alliances.

Biggie introduced a game he dubbed “an easy game of replication.” However, as the housemates would soon find out, appearances can be deceiving. The challenge involved replicating a complex Big Brother puzzle in the arena, testing the housemates’ wits, coordination, and patience. 

Known for her fierce determination, Mercy Eke faced defeat and had to take the “wal

k of shame” as she struggled to crack the puzzle. Doyin, always unafraid to question Biggie, openly voiced her doubts about the supposed simplicity of the task, echoing the sentiments of her fellowhousemates.

The HoH challenge

As the dust settled and the puzzle pieces finally fell into place, the top three of Ike, Soma and Venita emerged from the heated competition. In a surprising turn of events, it was Ike who was ultimately crowned the week’s Head of House after Biggie decided that there would be no need for a decider challenge as Ike had been the only housemate to complete the first puzzle.

As HoH Ike picked his BFFs, starting with Venita and CeeC, then asking Mercy Eke if she’d be interested, before closing it off with Seyi. However, another twist ensued when the only male BFF, Seyi, stumbled upon the black envelope that held unexpected privileges. Contrary to expectations, the envelope granted Seyi access to the HoH gym facilities, rather than the coveted immunity from eviction. Seyi wished he could extend the privilege to someone else as his BFF status came with all the HoH mezzanine rights, including access to the gym.

With four votes from Angel, Ike, Mercy Eke and Seyi, Frodd won favour of this alliance in the “pardon me please” nominations, which grants him immunity from possible eviction this week.

Interestingly, BFF Venita made a surprising choice by not aligning with her fellow besties. Instead, she formed an alliance with Adekunle. The question that looms is whether all nominations are purely strategic or if emotions and personal connections play a role in the decision-making process. 




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